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Marozzo’s Greatsword – True Edge Stretta 8

The eighth true edge stretta for the greatsword shows how to use the pommel to hook the opponent. From the bind, you step past the opponent on their right. From there you can hook the pommel around the throat. Alternately, … Continue reading

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Marozzo’s Greatsword –True Edge Stretta 7

The seventh true edge stretta is all about trying to get a pommel strike. From the bind, you start by pushing forward with your hilt. If he goes high, simply go low under his arms with a pommel strike. (This … Continue reading

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L’Ange – Second Thrust in Quarta or Flanconade

This thrust is used when you constrain your opponent so strongly that you drive his sword down. When this occurs, you may have “more openings on the outside under his arm” than on the inside. L’Ange notes that it is … Continue reading

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L’Ange – Chapter 7 First Thrust in Quarta

The first thrust taught by L’Ange is performed in Quarta on the inside. Inside vs Outside For those of you unfamiliar with Italian terminology, the “inside” means that your opponent’s blade is to the left of your blade. This position … Continue reading

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Longsword – Making a Monkey of Your Opponent in Pflug

If you prefer to fight defensively from Pflug, or a similar low guard, it can be quite frustrating when your opponent doesn’t comply. Though you carefully open the line you want him to attack along, he either ignores your invitation … Continue reading

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Longsword – Drills for Pflug/Posta Breve/Porta di Ferro

While there are minor differences between these three guards, and within each one across different manuals, they are all described as essentially postures from which you primarily thrust. And yet I often see people just hanging out in them, trying … Continue reading

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L’Ange – Chapters 5 and 6 Gaining the Sword

Blade Contact When gaining the sword, it is important to not think of it as a bind. This is a subtle action, used to control the opponent’s weapon through superior positioning rather than pressure. We hear from other authors such … Continue reading

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L’Ange – Chapter 4 Near and Wide Measure

Wide Measure Firstly you must learn to recognize well that when you must and can come with your weak onto the enemy’s weak, this is the wide measure. In this, as he is too far away, you cannot injure the … Continue reading

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Nachreisen and Tempi for Attack

The Bolognese author dall’Agocchie says that “There are five ways of recognizing this tempo of attacking.” The first one is that once you’ve parried your enemy’s blow, then it’s a tempo to attack.  The second, when his blow has passed … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Why the Outside Flat in Tag 1?

In Tag Device 1, Meyer tells us to throw the first parry with the outside flat. Why that flat and not the inside flat. Here are some theories. Transverse Sword Positioning When you parry from right to left with the … Continue reading

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