Marozzo’s Greatsword –True Edge Stretta 7

The seventh true edge stretta is all about trying to get a pommel strike. From the bind, you start by pushing forward with your hilt.

If he goes high, simply go low under his arms with a pommel strike. (This isn’t mentioned in the text, but is pretty obvious from the context.)

  1. If his structure is poor and you collapse his arms, or if he chooses to go low to avoid the pommel strike, hit him with the flat of your sword.
  2. Whether or not the flat strike lands, he’ll want to raise his arms for his defense. This will open him up for the aforementioned pommel strike under his arms.
  3. If he sees the pommel strike and closes that line by again lowering his arms, he’ll leave himself open for you to go over his arms, grappling and throwing him as you see fit.

This play demonstrates the German concept of the vor at close range. As each opening is closed, you immediately assault the next opening so that the opponent doesn’t have time to do anything but defend until such point that he makes a mistake.

Video Interpretation

Note that we haven’t completely worked out the flat strike to the head. But we hope that we made the reason for the blow clear.

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