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Go for the Hands

In a recent practice I noticed a fencer using Meyer’s dussack style was scoring a lot of hand hits. And it got me thinking about the subject. In Manciolino, the very first technique you learn is the three strikes to … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Play with Timing

Today in practice I hit my opponent several times in a row using one technique. Then after a few passes, I picked another technique and again hit him several times in a row. This pattern was repeated often during our … Continue reading

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L’Ange Chapter 8 – Parry and Riposte on the Inside

The first parry that L’Ange formally teaches is on the inside. It begins when your opponent constrains you in Quarta with the intention of thrusting in the same. Your response is to parry in your own Quarta and, at the … Continue reading

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L’Ange – Chapter 7, One Play with Multiple Drills

When you first read chapter 7 it may seem like a series of individual drills, but in actuality they all flow together into one play. Gaining the Weak First you gain the weak using what we learned in the pervious … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Wechsel Guard Analysis and Videos

We have been taking a long hard look at Wechsel lately and have come to the conclusion that we’ve been doing a few things wrong. Most importantly, we’ve been allowing our arms to hang low and fully extended. But if … Continue reading

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