Practice Notes – Play with Timing

Today in practice I hit my opponent several times in a row using one technique. Then after a few passes, I picked another technique and again hit him several times in a row. This pattern was repeated often during our match. But why did it work?

Talking to him after the fight he explained to me why he was having so much trouble even though I was being ‘predictable’. Each time I did the technique, I would vary the timing. Sometimes the initial attack was fast and the follow-up was slow, other times they were reversed. Sometimes I would linger in the bind, other times I would leave it immediately, though in both cases I used the same follow-up.

This was only semi-conscious on my part. From my perspective I was just trying to figure out which timing worked best. But he thought I was intentionally playing games with time to throw off his parries.

I’ll have to do this more…

Hands vs Arms

Between teaching, work, and illness I haven’t been able to actually spar in a month or two. So today was my first time actually working up a sweat. Overall I did ok, but I noticed something.

  • Every time I got hit in the hands, it was because my opponent was thinking one step ahead of me and holding the vor.
  • Every time I got hit in the arm, it was because my stance following my attack was crap.

Of course I got hit in other places for a variety of reasons, but for whatever reason this pattern kept appearing. In the past my hands were hit due to poor cutting form, so I guess that’s progress. And obviously my focus should be on improving my posture, I just found it interesting that one could tell if I was in the vor or nach just by knowing where I was getting hit.

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