Meyer’s Dusack – Zornhut Device 1 (with a Tramazone or two)

This device begins with an invitation. While standing in Zornhut (Wrath Guard), you expose your left side.

When the attack comes, you step well to the right with your right foot and counter-cut such that you hit his face and weapon-hand at the same time. Follow-through into the left Wechsel (Changer).

As he is wont to throw another attack, parry it with a rising long edge cut. At the same time, step to his right with your right foot. (This cross step seems to be more and more important as I learn more devices.) Let this cut fly up and around your head.

Next you are told to attack with “winding cuts”. Well what is a winding cut?

Joachim Meyer 1560

Wind cut is thus when one would cut athwart well outside his right arm over his arm line, thus quickly in a rip, wind out again, You can do the wind cut through a high, middle or under cut.

Joachim Meyer 1570

The Winding Cut, a cut that one winds, is essentially from whichever side you strike in, to come back out toward the same side, thus:

When you cut in above from your left, then pull and turn the dusack back out down toward your left, all in a single motion, as if you intended to cut a piece like half a man from his side; and this goes to both sides.

Note also that he says “cuts” as in plural. This makes me think of the Bolognese Tramazone, which is often found in pairs. When used in this manner, you could describe the Tramazone as a cut that leaves on the same side that it starts on.

Cutting Diagram


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