Meyer’s Longsword – Tag Device 3

The third device for Tag is used to defeat rising attacks to your right side. Again it assumes that your opponent won the initiative while you were in Tag preparing your own attack.

A Krump-like Parry

As with Tag 2, you’ll be striking the opponent’s forte with your long edge. Technically speaking this won’t be a Krumphauw because the wrists are not crossed, but it still follows the sideways arc of a Krumphauw.

Note: Some researchers translate Krumphauw as “Arc Strike”. This makes sense because the point travels in an arc rather than a straight line from the perspective of the fencer using it.

Crossed Arm Schielhauw

The next attack is a crossed arm Schielhauw. This is performed above or besides his blade. I take this to mean literally just above his blade; so don’t waste time yanking it high into the air. Instead just push the pommel under your right arm so that you can attack quickly without giving your opponent room to work.

Long edge to the Head

If your opponent parries the short-edge cut to his right, then you step to the left and drop the long edge straight down onto his head. (Due to the relative blade positions, a parry to his left is highly unlikely.)

Zwerch and Exit

The fourth cut is a Zwerch to the left ear, which means it will be with the short edge. While this is done with a back-step of the left foot, you still asked to perform another cut as you break measure.


Meyer’s footwork instructions are incomplete. The steps in bold are from the text, the others derived experimentally.

  • For the first cut, step out with your left foot.
  • For the second, step across to the right with your left foot.
  • For the third cut, step to the right with your right foot.
  • For the fourth cut, step back with your left foot.

Cutting Diagram


Video Interpretations:

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