Meyer’s Sidesword (Rappier) – Index of Plays

I just finished the the index of sidesword plays from Meyer’s 1570 text. of Combat, 1570-Sidesword (Rappier)

Of course the text step is to find (or make) videos of all of the plays. But at least it’s a start. In the mean time, here is a summary of part 2 you may find interesting:

  • Right Ochs 12 Plays (2 in the intro, 10 more under Oberhut)
  • Changing Off 1 Play
  • Gerade Versatzung (Straight Parrying) 24 Plays From, 8 Plays Against
  • Left Underhut (Low Guard) 10 Plays
  • Right Underhut (Low Guard)/Nebenhut (Side Guard) 14 Plays
  • Pflug (Plow) 5 Plays
  • Einlauffen (Running In) 5 Plays
  • Summary 6 Plays
  • Sword and Dagger 17 Plays
  • Sword and Cloak 2 Plays
  • Sword vs. Partisan 5 Plays
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3 Responses to Meyer’s Sidesword (Rappier) – Index of Plays

  1. lirason says:

    Where did Fechtknust run off to? I know it was migrated somewhere…

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