Complete Video Index of Meyer’s Longsword Chapter 4

We’ve just completed the first pass at video taping interpretations of all of the the techniques described in chapter 4 of Meyer’s longsword. The index includes videos from a variety of clubs and individuals including,

Without further ado,

Oberhauw (High Cut)
Zornhauw (Wrath Cut)
Mittelhauw (Middle Cut)
Underhauw (Low Cut)
Schielhauw (Squinting Cut)
Krumphauw (Crooked Cut)
Zwerch (Thwart)
Kurtzhauw (Short Cut)
Glützhauw (Glancing Cut)
Prellhauw (Rebound Cut) 1
Prellhauw (Rebound Cut) 2
Blendthauw (Blind Cut)
Windthauw (Winding Cut)
Kronhauw (Crown Cut)
Kniechelhauw (Wrist Cut)
Sturzhauw (Plunge Cut)
Wechselhauw (Change Cut)
Schneller oder Zeckrur (Flick or Tag-Hit)

Many of these videos are old or roughly performed, so we encourage all clubs to attempt to improve upon them. And if we’ve missed any videos, feel free to add them.

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