Call for Videos: Ringeck, Danzing, and Dobrginer

The table of contents and templates are ready for indexing Liechtenauer longsword videos. Now comes the hard part, figuring out where each relevant video fits in the index and filming new videos to fill in the gaps.

Index Design

The index is based on the Liechtenauer verse number. This allows us to more easily find corresponding passages across multiple glosses.

When the gloss contains multiple plays or techniques associated with a single Liechtenauer verse, we add the gloss’s passage number. At times it is hard to determine whether or not a given passage

Existing Videos

The general rule for existing videos is simple that they must be publically accessible. For example, anything you find on a YouTube or forum search is fair game. But if it’s a private link sent to you in an email, make sure you ask first.

If you need to create a new page to host the video, pick the appropriate template from the drop-down box in the upper-right corner.

For YouTube, please delete the height and width. Otherwise the videos won’t resize correctly when viewing on a phone.

New Videos

Newly filmed videos are of course welcome. You don’t have to have the absolute best interpretation, just an honest effort to match the text.

We’re especially interested in never before filmed passages. Even if you aren’t the best fencer in the world, you can help push the art forward by offering a preliminary interpretation that others haven’t thought about.

Next Steps

The horseback and shortsword/half-swording indexes still need to be updated to reflect what’s actually covered by each gloss. But that doesn’t seem to be an area of active research so we’re probably going to wait on that.

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