Marozzo Wrestling (with Dagger) Complete Video List

It has recently come to my attention that Ken Harding of the Historical Martial Arts of St. Louis has published a complete set of videos for Marozzo’s wrestling. This material appears in book 5 of the text.

It should be noted that Marozzo’s wrestling includes quite a bit of dagger work, so it is often mislabeled as “dagger” plays. While understandable, we are being strict on terminology because Marozzo has has a separate set of dagger plays in book 2.

Here is the complete list of Marozzo wrestling plays with videos from Ken Harding and others. If I’ve missed anyone, feel free to update the wiki.

Wrestling 1
Wrestling 2
Wrestling 3
Wrestling 4
Wrestling 5
Wrestling 6
Wrestling 7
Wrestling 8
Wrestling 9
Wrestling 10
Wrestling 11
Wrestling 12
Wrestling 13
Wrestling 14
Wrestling 15
Wrestling 16
Wrestling 17
Wrestling 18
Wrestling 19
Wrestling 20
Wrestling 21
Wrestling 22

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