Practice Notes for Jan 10, 2016

Beginner’s Longsword

We started with the nachreisen or following after techniques for Pflug. These are attacks that you make when someone either cuts too wide or pulls back their weapon for a new cut.

Beginner’s Sword and Buckler

We had three new students today so we focused on chapter 1 of our study guide. We started with sword terminology, taught by initiate Dave George. Then we looked at the basic footwork, cuts. and the use of the buckler.

After working on a few variations of the “sword dance”, we concluded with Meyer’s Cross as it applies to the one-handed sword.

It should be noted that we didn’t go through the study guide in strict order. Next time the students make it out, we’ll look at the chapter 1 exercises we skipped this week. Specifically,

  • False (back edge) cuts
  • Names of the thrusts
  • Targets and their effect on range
  • Stepping with the cuts 1 & 2

George Silver’s Broadsword

This session was held over for another week while so that the group leader has more time to prepare.

Wrestling and Dagger

We started by repeating last weeks dussack plays. Unfortunately I don’t have a reference for them, but I’ll ask John to film the techniques later this month.

Then we took a look at Meyer’s first play for the dagger. The same motions of the body were then applied to Meyer’s Aussreissen (wrenching) techniques with the longsword.

Talhoffer’s Messer

This week’s presentation was Talhoffer’s Messer. While there are only four plays, we found that they have a lot to teach us about footwork. We have filmed new videos of two of the four plays. Our interpretations are not necessarily different than past videos, but we feel our explanations are far more in depth than anyone else has published. (We are deploying the publication of our videos until we have a chance to film the other two.)

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