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Spanish Footwork Diagrams

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Practice Notes: Follow-up on the Steeply Angled Zwerch

First of all, since people still refuse to believe what’s right in front of their eyes when it comes to older illustrations, here is Meyer also showing that the Zwerch is performed with a very steeply angled cut. As for … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Screwing up Kron

The last time I sparred with the longsword, I found myself getting hit on the head a lot. The problem was that the second or third attack was coming in so fast that I didn’t have time for a proper … Continue reading

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Longsword – Cutting to the Ochs and Pflug

When examining the illustrations in Ringeck and other older manuscripts, I was told something to the effect of “if we used a zwerch like the illustrations, we’d be hitting with the flat”. While flat strikes do exist, they don’t look like … Continue reading

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Interpreting Illustrations – Where are you looking?

A common criticism of illustrations, especially the earlier ones, is that the artist doesn’t understand perspective. While there is some truth to that, most of the time the perceived flaws in the illustration are in the viewer’s mind rather than … Continue reading

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Trusting the Images

A theory that I’ve been hearing a lot over the last six months is that the illustrations are all badly drawn, biomechanically unsound, and that we should just ignore them if they conflict with [insert speakers preference here].  I don’t … Continue reading

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Longsword Guard Analysis – Low vom Tag

I’ve long been taught to avoid raising the right elbow while in low vom Tag, as that leads to the “samurai movie Tag”, as shown in this statue from Happy Mall. The main reason I was given for this was … Continue reading

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