Practice Notes – Screwing up Kron

The last time I sparred with the longsword, I found myself getting hit on the head a lot. The problem was that the second or third attack was coming in so fast that I didn’t have time for a proper counter-cut.

What I did wrong

Given that I only have time for a hard block, I would raise my hilt high with the point to the left. Basically I was trying to form St. George’s Parry, but there wasn’t really enough time to bring it all the way up. And there definitely wasn’t enough time to bring my hand onto the blade for this parry.


(Note that this isn’t actually a parry in Mair, I’m just using the illustration.)

When I did is right

Eventually I got tired of being hit and actually used Kron. It worked too well.

A thing to note about Kron is that it’s a really fast parry. There are no complicated movements involved, you just need to thrust upwards. And the timing is rather loose; you gain enough structure to withstand the blow long before you fully form it.

I say it worked too well because of my opponent’s reaction. When performed correctly, it disrupts your opponent’s stance. I knew this, but what I didn’t know was that disruption, combined with having my sword above his head in a Tag is pretty damn scary. You don’t see it in drills because both sides know its coming, but in sparring it is unexpected.

Unfortunately while he was busy giving up the vor and trying to break measure, I just stood there mimicking his shocked reason rather than actually finishing with the Kronhauw attack. (Aren’t mirror neuron‘s fun?)

What I need to work on

I need to retrain my panic reactions to use Kron instead of just throwing the hilt up high. This won’t be easy, as Kron isn’t something one should endeavor to use. If you have time to think “I would like to use Kron”, your opponent has time to respond with its counters. So really I can only practice this in sparring against someone who is better than me at maintaining the vor.

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