Scholars of Alcala Class Notes – May 8, 2016

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Double Winging

During out drill, we used a series of rising cuts known as the “Double Winging”. These cuts end in a posture known as Einhorn (Unicorn).

Drills involving the thrust

We looked at several of the drills from Longsword – Drills for Pflug/Posta Breve/Porta di Ferro. We’ll be looking at more next week.

Sword and Buckler

First we reviewed last week’s material.

Guard of the Day: Guardia di Testa (Head Guard)


For more information on this guard, see my essay titled Bolognese Sword and Buckler – What does Guardia di Testa Look Like?

Cuts from Guardia di Testa

This topic was covered in a previous post titled Marozzo Sword and Buckler – Basic Cuts from Guardia di Testa.

Cut of the Day: Montante (Mast)

Something that often comes up is the exact definition of the Montante. What we know for certain is that from Guardia di Testa there are three starting criteria:

  • Half-turn of the hand
  • Point is towards the ground
  • False edge touches the boss of the bucker

and we always end in Alta (high guard). Our current interpretation is that is is simply a straight, along the same line as a falso, using the true edge.



Assault 1 Opening

We also looked at the beginning of the first assault (kate/form) with the sword and buckler. Our explanation is in the video titled  Elements of Manciolino’s First Assault for the Sword and Buckler: Opening. You can see other interpretations in the link below.

Manciolino Sword & Buckler Assault 1 Part 1


Todays focus was on supervised sparring.


We reviewed di Grassi’s one-handed thrust from last week.

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