Anonimo Bolognese (Anonymous Bolognese)

Opera treatises

By Anonymous Bolognese means a full-bodied anonymous treatise of a teacher belonging to the Bolognese school .

The treaty, which was found after careful research by the Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo , consists of two books manuscripts containing precepts and fencing techniques with different weapons.  On the back of the first manuscript paper reports the following annotation eighteenth-century: “Missing Anonymous that is fencing: Fencing Treaty”

The script has been dated, by expert appraisal and analysis of calligraphic watermarks marking the beginning of the sixteenth century (1510-1515 approx), then the previous treaties of the Masters Antonio Manciolino and Marozzo Achilles .  Dating also confirmed by the analysis fencing consistent with the historical period.  It therefore acts as a link between the treatises of the previous century ( Fiore dei Liberi and Filippo Vadi ) and treatises beginning ‘500.

The remarkable profusion of teachings and techniques described, over and above the treaties previously known, in addition to the detailed description of the basics of fencing archaic Bolognese school, make this essential text for the study and interpretation of the techniques of the masters of the Bolognese school .

Structure of the Treaty

The treaty structure is as follows:

  • MS 345: introduction, main rules, the guards , one sword , one sword against polearms
  • MS 346: two-handed sword , sword and catching glove , two-handed sword against pole arms , sword, and plaque , sword and buckler small sword, and plaque , sword and buckler big, sword and wheel , sword and gloves men at-arms , ax in arms , one sword , one-handed sword;

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