Notes on Making a Portable Sword Rack

This inexpensive rack is made from a couple “common boards”, each roughly 1” thick. Standard utility hinges are used to make it collapsible and a chain prevents it from opening too far when placed on a smooth surface.

One one side the pegs run across, allowing it to hold longswords, greatswords, staves, and daggers.


On the other side the pegs are vertical, allowing for shorter swords.


Danish oil makes for a cheap protective coating that can be reapplied as necessary.

WP_20160611_002 WP_20160611_001

You’ll need to a drill press and a Forstner bit for the peg holes. Glue is not required, as you can press-fit the pegs. (Plus if a peg brakes, the lack of glue makes it easier to remove and replace.)

The base boards, which are required for stability, should not be flush with the ground. By raising them up somewhat you can clear ground debris and use this on uneven surfaces.

The bottoms of the legs are cut at an angle to match the desired angle of the stand, all other cuts are square.

If you want to stain the project, do so before you attach the chain. Otherwise it won’t lay flat and be a pain in the ass.

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5 Responses to Notes on Making a Portable Sword Rack

  1. Daniel D says:

    If you make the back section a single leg instead of 2 it will not wobble even on uneven ground. Does not mean the front is level but all three legs would always be on the ground.

  2. Matthew Banta says:

    Is it possible to send me the measurements for the sword rack?

    • Grauenwolf says:

      Each leg is 3′ tall. It is about 23″ wide. And the spacing between the pegs across the top is 2″ center to center”

      Nothing was cut to a specific size. This was just made from what I had lying around. If I were to make a new one for the steel rapiers, I would make it wider. For the shorter swords I think the size is correct.

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