ShopSmith, Power Station, and Casters

So you’ve decided to put some casters on your ShopSmith or Power Station. And because you’re cheap, you decide to buy them used instead of ordering them from eBay. This is what you need to know:

ShopSmith and Power Station casters are the same width, height, etc. The only difference is where the foot pedal is. The ShopSmith caster is close to the edge so it is easier to reach. The foot pedal on the Power Station caster is a few inches closer to the center so that it clears the legs.

  1. ShopSmith uses 3/4″ bolts. Power Station uses 1 1/4″ bolts with a 1/2″ spacer.
  2. You can use Power Station casters on a ShopSmith. (I did it for years without realizing it was the “wrong” one.)
  3. You cannot use ShopSmith casters on a Power Station unless you cut away part of the legs to allow the foot pedal to clear. (I started doing this when I realized #2.)

If you need measurements on anything feel free to ask.

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