Class Outline for Sunday, Dec 16

I’ve been asked that we offer more structure to our classes. With that in mind, I’ve prepared a formal lesson plan for tomorrow. Participation in this lesson plan is optional. There will be four sections, and you are welcome attend as few or as many as you wish. And anyone not participating in this lesson plan is free to work on whatever other material they are interested in.

Handouts will be provided for all 4 sections.

2 PM: Mair Short Staff 1

Since there are no Pilates today, we will warmup with some staff exercises. This begins promptly at 2 so try not to be late.

Then for our play we will look at the “The First Two Upper Bindings from the Right Side”. In this exercise we look at how Fülen (feeling) works with crossed staves.


2:30 PM: Fiore Longsword First Remedy Master

We’ll begin with cuts with an offline step. The emphasis will be on foot placement and stability.

Then we’ll look at the offline parry with careful attention to the wrist. We’ll also look at parries that are high on the blade vs those that meet in the middle.

Though the word Fülen is German, it still exists in the Italian systems as well. So we’ll see how Fiore introduces the concept in the First Remedy Master. In conjunction with this, well see a basic dui-tempi (two time or two action) parry and cut, which mutates into a thrust. (This was taught to me by Mr. Stokes, so I will endeavor to do it justice.)

We’ll also look at a Zucken (Pulling or Twitching) cut to the other side.

Time permitting, we’ll add in a little Zucken trick from Meyer that fits with this overall play.

3:30 PM: L’Ange Rapier Chapters 4 thru 7

In L’Ange we’ll begin our exploration of the rapier by discussing measure and how to safely gain it. As with the offline parry we saw in Fiore, we’ll be gaining control of the opponent’s blade by taking the point slightly offline. This needs to be done in a manner that allows us to quickly bring the point back online for a thrust.

The book chapters are 4 Near and Wide Measure, 4/5 Gaining the Sword, and 7a, the first thrust in Quarta.

[This lesson is foundational will be repeated next week.]

4:30 PM: Meyer Dagger First Parry from Oberhut

For our last half hour we return to the offline parry we saw in Fiore, only modified for the use of daggers. Again we’ll be focusing more on the structure of the body than the parry itself.


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