Class Outline for Sunday, Jan 6

This is a tentative outline. Due to the rain, we may have to cancel tomorrow’s class.

2 PM: Directed Sparring

April it out of town, so in lieu we’ll have some light sparring to get the blood pumping. Intensity will vary by the participant’s skill and comfort level.

2:30 PM: dall’Agocchie: Parries from Coda Lunga Stretta (Sidesword)

This begins a comprehensive look at the defensive actions you can use when standing in Coda Lunga Stretta. As you go through these drills in class, think about how you would apply these techniques to other guards.

Handouts will be provided.

3:30 PM: L’Ange Rapier Chapters 4 thru 7

As promised, this is a repeat of the foundational techniques we discussed just before our winter break.

Time permitting, we’ll add a disengage and attack on the outside.

4:30 PM: Meyer Dagger Second Parry from Oberhut

For those wanting a little more exercise, we will continue our introduction to the rondel dagger.

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