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Building a Micrometer Stand Part 2

Here’s the completed project. Holding Screw The instructions call for the holding screw to be machined from a piece of brass or plastic so as to not mar the micrometer. What I ended up doing as making it a steel … Continue reading

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Building a Micrometer Stand Part 1

These plans were inspired by Useful Machine Shop Tools to Make for Home Shop Machinists by Stan Bray. Unfortunately the plans and instructions in that book are woefully incomplete, often missing key steps and measurements. Furthermore, they use British screw … Continue reading

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Collars for 1/4 by 1/2 Scrolls

Collar material should be thinner than the metal being joined. For joining a pair of 1/4 by 1/2 scrolls, a 3/16” x 1/2” collar stock works well. If you make it out of 1/4” thick stock, it will look too … Continue reading

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Ground vs Forged Fullers in Swords

The central grove, or groves, in a sword is usually referred to as a “fuller”. The reason for this is that they are normally made with a blacksmith’s fuller, a type of stamping tool, rather than by grinding away material. … Continue reading

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Rapier Pell, Mark 1

The height is adjustable by loosening the two bolt. The angle is set using a pin. Eventually I want to add a metal plate for the angle pin. This will work for now, but it’s clear that will be the … Continue reading

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Notes on Making a Portable Sword Rack

This inexpensive rack is made from a couple “common boards”, each roughly 1” thick. Standard utility hinges are used to make it collapsible and a chain prevents it from opening too far when placed on a smooth surface. One one … Continue reading

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Pendulum Pell Original Video

This is the video by Jeremy Loose that inspired me to start this project. And here is an example of the presenter’s current work.

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