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Meyer: Rethinking Footwork

In longsword chapter 10, there’s an exercise informally known as Meyer’s Cross. (Or “Meyer’s Square” for those people who don’t know what a square looks like.) The default footwork for this is alternating passing steps to the left and right. … Continue reading

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L’Ange: Changing our Rapier Footwork

Up until now we used this footwork pattern for obtaining a constraint. (Only the right foot is shown.) 1: Patient stands in guard of Tertia. The Agent stands in Quarta on the inside. Start far enough apart that the swords … Continue reading

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Practice Notes for Sunday, Dec 15, 2019

We covered a lot of material in Sunday’s rapier class. For your benefit, I’ve taken the time to writing up some notes and posting them in our new website.’Ange/p/Main/t/commentary The new sections are: Chapter 4: How You Shall Recognize … Continue reading

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Thibault on Reach with Shoulder vs Wrist Cuts

In this illustration from Thibault (chapter 1, figure F) you can see the difference in reach between a wrist cut and a cut from the shoulder.

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Class Outline for Sunday, Dec 16

I’ve been asked that we offer more structure to our classes. With that in mind, I’ve prepared a formal lesson plan for tomorrow. Participation in this lesson plan is optional. There will be four sections, and you are welcome attend … Continue reading

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Fabris – Drills for Plate 24

This play is essentially the same as plate 23, but it starts on the outside. Plate 24 – Common Fencer 1a Both fencers start in 3rd on the outside. The agent provokes a response by beginning to constrains the patient … Continue reading

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Fabris – Drills for Plate 23

This play specifically says the fencers are in misura larga or wide measure. Loosely speaking, this is the range in which you can attack with a single step. Plate 23 – Common Fencer This drill will work better for the … Continue reading

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