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Provocations and Matching Postures

To set the stage, let’s first define what a provocation is in the context of Bolognese fencing. Ideally, a skillful fencer will attack before his opponent settles into a guard. The theory is that he will be less able to … Continue reading

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Scholars of Alcala Class Notes – May 4, 2016

Facebook – YouTube – Member’s Site Sidesword Marozzo’s footwork diagram, known as a Segno del Passeggiare. For for information on it, see Ilkka Hartikainen’s article titled The Segno del Passeggiare in Marozzo. Guards We covered several guards (postures) this week. … Continue reading

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Nachreisen and Tempi for Attack

The Bolognese author dall’Agocchie says that “There are five ways of recognizing this tempo of attacking.” The first one is that once you’ve parried your enemy’s blow, then it’s a tempo to attack.  The second, when his blow has passed … Continue reading

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What is a Tramazzone and a Molinello?

In the broadest sense of the word, these are wheeling cuts. Some have taught me that tramazzone are wheeling cuts from the inside, molinello from the outside. Others say that all wheeling cuts are molinello and the tramazzone is specifically … Continue reading

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Giacomo di Grassi – How to Hold a Shield

Holding your shield close to the body, either to the side or directly in front, is certainly historic. We know this because Giacomo di Grassi specifically tells us not to do it. And he wouldn’t be telling us not to … Continue reading

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Giovanni dall’Agocchie – Fourth Provocation from Coda Lunga Stretta

The fourth provocation requires some pretty fancy blade work. This can be done with an arming sword, but is much, much easier with an actual sides sword. The difference being that a side sword, like a rapier, has finger rings … Continue reading

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Giovanni dall’Agocchie – Third Provocation from Coda Lunga Stretta

At first glance this appears to be a beat like the first two provocations, You can also give a mezzo mandritto to the enemy’s sword, promptly stepping forward with your right foot and thrusting a punta riversa into his chest, … Continue reading

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