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Capoferro Chapter 3

A sword is made of iron for wood would not be sufficient to beat aside and evade the injuries that people inflict upon one another daily. It is pointed rather than blunt to keep enemies at bay. It’s length, and … Continue reading

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Capoferro Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is essentially just summarizes the key points of chapter 1, especially the notion that fencing is the art of defending oneself with the sword. There is a note about watching out for those who, despite the extensive experience, … Continue reading

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Capoferro Chapter 1 – The Purpose of Fencing

3. The aim of fencing is the defense of self, from whence it derives its name; because “to fence” does not mean other than defending oneself, hence it is that “protection” and “defense”are words of the same meaning; whence one … Continue reading

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