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Longsword – Cutting to the Ochs and Pflug

When examining the illustrations in Ringeck and other older manuscripts, I was told something to the effect of “if we used a zwerch like the illustrations, we’d be hitting with the flat”. While flat strikes do exist, they don’t look like … Continue reading

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Longsword Guard Analysis – Low vom Tag

I’ve long been taught to avoid raising the right elbow while in low vom Tag, as that leads to the “samurai movie Tag”, as shown in this statue from Happy Mall. The main reason I was given for this was … Continue reading

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Call for Videos: Ringeck, Danzing, and Dobrginer

The table of contents and templates are ready for indexing Liechtenauer longsword videos. Now comes the hard part, figuring out where each relevant video fits in the index and filming new videos to fill in the gaps. Sigmund Schining ain … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – His Pedagogy for Tag and Defeating the Opening Zwerch

I am a firm believer in learning how to use a guard as a static posture before learning how to break it. My theory is that you should never linger in a guard if you don’t know how to deal … Continue reading

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Having Trouble Entering the Bind? Then Stop Trying.

There is a reason I didn’t talk about binding, winding, fuhlen, slicing, and so forth in my last post. Those are advanced topics. Those are ways to break someone’s device or cutting pattern. And if you are a novice they … Continue reading

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Indes in the Onset

Meyer’s cutting patterns are bookended with opening slashes and a concluding Zwerch to cut away safely. In the Onset when you come within a fathom [six feet?] of your opponent, then slash up from your right before him through his … Continue reading

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Using Bolognese to Reinterpret the Kronhauw

What exactly is Kron? I thought it was pretty well established, but that question recently came up in a few forum discussions lately. This leads me to believe that there is actually a lot less certainty that I was lead … Continue reading

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