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Hand Protection in Meyer’s Dussack

Some, though certainly not all, of the dussacks in Meyer’s 1570 text have protrusions of some sort that appear to offer extra hand protection.

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Complete Video Index of Meyer’s Longsword Chapter 4

We’ve just completed the first pass at video taping interpretations of all of the the techniques described in chapter 4 of Meyer’s longsword. The index includes videos from a variety of clubs and individuals including, Aaron Pynenberg Dustin Reagan Hellenic … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Dussack Study Guide

My club has just completed our first study guide for Meyer’s Dussack. Chapter one is designed primarily for those with little or no swordsmanship experience. If you are already familiar with German terminology then you can skip ahead to exercises … Continue reading

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Another Meyer Cutting Diagram

Here’s another cutting diagram for Meyer, annotated in English. It comes from the compilation referred to as MS Var.82, with Ben Floyd providing the translation. And the same with a body superimposed.

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Meyer’s Rapier – Annotated Cutting Diagrams

In Meyer’s 1570 text, we find three statues that serve as cutting diagram. The cuts relating to these diagrams can be found in the beginning of chapter 4. Vertical Cuts The first vertical cut (red) is the Scalp Cut or … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Sidesword (Rappier) – Index of Plays

I just finished the the index of sidesword plays from Meyer’s 1570 text. of Combat, 1570-Sidesword (Rappier) Of course the text step is to find (or make) videos of all of the plays. But at least it’s a start. … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – His Pedagogy for Tag and Defeating the Opening Zwerch

I am a firm believer in learning how to use a guard as a static posture before learning how to break it. My theory is that you should never linger in a guard if you don’t know how to deal … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Take on Breaking vom Tag with the Zwerch

In the Liechtenauer glosses we often see this passage, The second is the Zwerch [thwart-cut], which breaks the guard vom Tag [from-the-roof]. This is one of the “vier versetzen” or “four displacements”. While the word displacement may mean parry, in … Continue reading

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A Quick Note on the Grip for Meyer’s Ochs

Look closely at this illustration of Meyer’s Ochs. If we color the right hand, we can see that there’s arguably five fingers: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Given the difficulty of placing a finger beneath another finger, we can … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Dusack – Zornhut Device 1 (with a Tramazone or two)

This device begins with an invitation. While standing in Zornhut (Wrath Guard), you expose your left side. When the attack comes, you step well to the right with your right foot and counter-cut such that you hit his face and … Continue reading

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