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Fabris – Drills for Plate 21

It is vitally important that you do not skip over the “common fencer” drills. These are not drills of the incompetent fencer, but merely one who hasn’t had the additional instruction from Fabris. So it is something that you would … Continue reading

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Is the Mezano a Zwerch?

As I understand it, the Riverso Mezano is commonly considered to be a cut from the left, to the opponent’s right, with the short edge that can hit anywhere from the knee to the head. My problem is, that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Fabris – Chapters 18, 19, 32

Another video on the girata of Fabris. This one covers four variants. Left Girata Right Girata for the Inside Double Girata Right Girata for the Outside

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Fabris Plates 18 and 19 – The Girata or Turn

The Girata will most likely prove to be essential in Fabris, as he places an emphasis on voiding the opponent’s sword over parrying it (though it is best to do both). Here are the preliminary videos.

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L’Ange Chapters 4, 5, and 6, Constraints

A short video on performing the constraints as explained in L’Ange.

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L`Ange Chapter 7 Video

A video on the three thrusts from chapter 7.

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Meyer Longsword – This is not a Kurtzhauw (Short cut)

It was recently pointed out to me that this illustration does not depict a Kurtzhauw (Short cut). To understand my mistake, consider this passage: This is a stealthy action that goes through against your opponent, and is done thus: When … Continue reading

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Fabris Lesson Plan for Plate 3 & Chapter 3/4

Review the first guard. Discuss the divisions of the sword. Focus on the specifics that Fabris offers. (Maybe compare & contrast with other systems.) Discuss the features of the withdrawn seconda (plate 3). [students assume the posture, practice walking as … Continue reading

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Fabris Lesson Plan for Plate 2

Recap why Fabris doesn’t like the withdrawn prima. Discuss the physical differences between the properly formed prima and the withdrawn prima. [students form the posture] Discuss the concept of safety being measured by the distance between your opponent’s sword and … Continue reading

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Fabris and the Paradox of the Step

The master dall’Agocchie famously wrote about about the five tempi for attack. The last concerns movement of the foot, The fifth and last, when the enemy is fixed in guard, and he raises or moves his forward foot in order … Continue reading

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