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BA to UNC (US) Screw Conversion Chart

For converting British small screws (BA) into equivalent US screw sizes. BA Screw Closest US Screw Clearance Hole Size TPI OD (in) Size OD (in) Tap Drill (in) Close Fit (in) Free Fi (in) BA0 25.40 0.236 ¼-20 0.250 7 … Continue reading

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Is the Mezano a Zwerch?

As I understand it, the Riverso Mezano is commonly considered to be a cut from the left, to the opponent’s right, with the short edge that can hit anywhere from the knee to the head. My problem is, that doesn’t … Continue reading

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L`Ange Chapter 7 Video

A video on the three thrusts from chapter 7.

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ShopSmith, Power Station, and Casters

So you’ve decided to put some casters on your ShopSmith or Power Station. And because you’re cheap, you decide to buy them used instead of ordering them from eBay. This is what you need to know: ShopSmith and Power Station … Continue reading

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New Handle for Antique Drill

Not sure what kind of wood this is, but it’s a good match for the old handle. Center drilled the square blank with 1/4″ bit, then mounted it on a pen mandrel. Need to use non-standard bushings, as the Slimline … Continue reading

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Meyer’s German Longsword for Beginners

I have just completed a new chapter for our study guide and workbook, Meyer’s German Longsword 1. This new chapter briefly introduces the secondary guards and indicates where more information can be found on each. As always, suggestions and corrections … Continue reading

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Interpretation pages on Wiktenauer

I’ve started working on putting interpretation pages on Wiktenauer. I’ve chosen Figueyredo Greatsword Simple Rule 1 to preview the format. In order to make the interpretations easy to find without being obtrusive, my proposal is to place a simple link … Continue reading

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