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Hand Protection in Meyer’s Dussack

Some, though certainly not all, of the dussacks in Meyer’s 1570 text have protrusions of some sort that appear to offer extra hand protection.

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Meyer’s Dussack Study Guide

My club has just completed our first study guide for Meyer’s Dussack. Chapter one is designed primarily for those with little or no swordsmanship experience. If you are already familiar with German terminology then you can skip ahead to exercises … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Dusack – Zornhut Device 1 (with a Tramazone or two)

This device begins with an invitation. While standing in Zornhut (Wrath Guard), you expose your left side. When the attack comes, you step well to the right with your right foot and counter-cut such that you hit his face and … Continue reading

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Practice Notes for July 7, 2015

Open Session – Broadsword Some of us were looking at “Anti-Pugilism or the Science of Defence Exemplified in Short and Easy Lessons for the practice of the Broad Sword and Single Stick”. This book is available in the codex “Highland … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Dussack – Annotated Images

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The Dussack – a weapon of war

  It is my belief that the development of the dussack is a direct response to conflicts between the Austria-centred Habsburgian and the “Turkish” Ottoman Empires and especially the Battle of Mohács in 1526 and the Siege of Vienna in … Continue reading

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This History of the Dusak

So it seems that the Dusal is actually a tool known as a “scutching knife” and was originally used for the production of flax. The Country Gallery – Flax Tools

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Homemade Dusacks

Homemade Dusacks by Chris Slee. Unfortunately he didn’t publish his pattern so I’m going to have to start by buying a commercial version.

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Meyer’s Dusak – Introduction

Part two of Meyer’s The Art of Combat covers the dusak. This chapter is intended to not only train the student on the dusak itself, but to also prepare them for future work with the rapier. Rather than a proper … Continue reading

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Dusak, the German Answer to the Foil

In general terms a dusak is a short, single edged sword Central or Eastern Europe. By Meyer’s time the word dusack was repurposed to describe a type of leather or wood training sword. The first image is from the 1570 … Continue reading

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