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Rethinking Meyer

It is often said that Meyer doesn’t use thrusts. The common explanation that I was given before was that Meyer was just teaching sport fencing and his techniques were not applicable outside of the school. After watching Jean Chandler’s lecture … Continue reading

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Hanging Point with Longswords vs Greatswords

In the images below look at the orientation of the right hand. For the two longswords the thumb is towards the point, while Alfieri’s greatsword has the thumb towards the pommel. Francesco Alfieri Jakob Sutor The man on the right … Continue reading

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Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo’s Montante – Demonstrated by ModernSwordsman

These videos are an interpretation of Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo’s Memorial Of the Practice of the Montante. If you open the video on YouTube you can see the text of the lesson the presenter is working through.  Purpleheart Armory sells … Continue reading

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What is the Montante

  The weapon which the Iberians called the Montante is a large and long-bladed sword used with two hands. There is a significant body of surviving source material, even more when we consider the surviving material for its close Italian … Continue reading

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