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Proposed Terminology for Gripping the Staff, Spear, and Similar Weapons

There are numerous ways to hold a short staff or quarterstaff. Unfortunately none of the manuals I’ve run across seem to enumerate these succinctly. So in order to make conversations about these weapons easier, I am proposing this set of … Continue reading

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Joseph Swetnam’s Quarterstaff Guards

Yesterday we looked at Meyer’s Quarterstaff guards. Today we take a peek at Joseph Swetnam. I’m including this specifically because his two guards are not found in Meyer. High Guard Look under your Staff with both your eyes, with the … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Quarterstaff – Guards

According to Meyer, the quarterstaff is the basis of all long weapons. Oberhut – High Guard In the high guard position yourself thus: stand with your left foot forward, and hold your staff with the tail at your chest, so … Continue reading

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