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Thibault on Reach with Shoulder vs Wrist Cuts

In this illustration from Thibault (chapter 1, figure F) you can see the difference in reach between a wrist cut and a cut from the shoulder.

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The Five False Edge Blows in German Longsword

This is Master Jobst of Württemberg’s Epitome on the Longsword Now you have to know that there are five blows with the false edge: the first the Zornhau, the next is the Alber, the third the Krumphau, the fourth the … Continue reading

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Fabris Chapter 7 – Cuts

Fabris begins this chapter thusly, The principal cuts are four: the mandritto, roverso, sottomano, and montante. Each is used differently and has its own target. Later in the book we will see illustrations with all the cuts deriving from these … Continue reading

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Giovanni dall’Agocchie – Attacks

Giovanni uses the same basic cuts and thrusts we see in any Bolognese system. As a recap, they are: Mandritto: All cuts from the right Riverso: All cuts from the left Fendente: Vertical downward cuts Squalimbro: Diagonal downwards cut Tondo: … Continue reading

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Talhoffer 1467, Plate 2 Right

Talhoffer labels this plate Wechselhieb. Also spelled Wechselhauw, this is known in English as the Change Cut. As I understand it, the change cut is simply used to change from one side to the other or from low to high … Continue reading

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Talhoffer 1467, Plate 2 Left

This guard appears to be Ochs or Ox.  Shown below are Meyer, Solothurner, and two from Mair.    According to Talhoffer’s caption, this guard is used to throw a Plunging Cut or Sturtzhauw. Meyer describes the Sturtzhauw as, Although this … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Divisions of the Fight

In Meyer’s longsword system the fight is broken up into three divisions. When working with a device or technique one must keep in mind what they intend to do in each division. The first division is the Zufechten or Onset. … Continue reading

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