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Another Meyer Cutting Diagram

Here’s another cutting diagram for Meyer, annotated in English. It comes from the compilation referred to as MS Var.82, with Ben Floyd providing the translation. And the same with a body superimposed.

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Meyer’s Rapier – Annotated Cutting Diagrams

In Meyer’s 1570 text, we find three statues that serve as cutting diagram. The cuts relating to these diagrams can be found in the beginning of chapter 4. Vertical Cuts The first vertical cut (red) is the Scalp Cut or … Continue reading

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Marozzo Sword and Buckler – Basic Cuts from Guardia di Testa

Note: For the purpose of this article, we’re assuming that the Halpschilt interpretation of Guardia di Testa is essentially correct. In chapter 143, Marozzo gives us a set of basic attacks from Guardia di Testa that he wants us to … Continue reading

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Reading Meyer’s Cutting Diagram, A Theory

In the back of Meyer’s 1560 manual there is a set of curious diagrams. They don’t seem to be explained anywhere, but have the appearance of cutting diagrams. Our theory is that each number that is preceded by a circle … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Cutting Diagram

Future posts will refer to this diagram

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