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L’Ange Chapter 8 – Parry and Riposte on the Inside

The first parry that L’Ange formally teaches is on the inside. It begins when your opponent constrains you in Quarta with the intention of thrusting in the same. Your response is to parry in your own Quarta and, at the … Continue reading

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Camillo Agrippa – More on the Disengage from Prima

The disengage in prima occurs when someone tries to beat the point of your sword away using a mandritto or riverso. So basically anyone using standard Bolognese tactics. I was under the impression that this was a full disengage, but … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Five Ways to Disengage

The first way to disengage is to simply loosen one’s grip so that the point drops. As soon as the blade clears the other side, close your hand and the point snaps back on-line. This works fine for short blades, … Continue reading

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