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Meyer: Rethinking Footwork

In longsword chapter 10, there’s an exercise informally known as Meyer’s Cross. (Or “Meyer’s Square” for those people who don’t know what a square looks like.) The default footwork for this is alternating passing steps to the left and right. … Continue reading

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Fabris and the Paradox of the Step

The master dall’Agocchie famously wrote about about the five tempi for attack. The last concerns movement of the foot, The fifth and last, when the enemy is fixed in guard, and he raises or moves his forward foot in order … Continue reading

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Manciolino’s Sword and Buckler – Second Attack from Porta di Ferro Stretta

The second attack from Porta di Ferro Stretta seems pretty simple at first glance, but hides some pretty important concepts. step forward with your left foot extending a thrust2 to the face, and then pass forward with your right foot, … Continue reading

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Crossing your feet from Agrippa’s Seconda

Though it is often said that we should never cross our feet, there will be times when the manuals specifically tell us to. Here is one example from Agrippa.

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On Footwork

A medieval child learns to spar from the day he can pick up a stick. He needs no instructor or manual to learn how his body works. If I’ve learned anything in the last decade it is that one can’t … Continue reading

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Interpreting Fiore – The Distance Between the Feet is Important or The Swords were Long

In an article titled Size Matters, Guy Windsor agues that the length of the sword is important for the correct execution of the Fiore’s plays. He demonstrates that he cannot reach his opponent to enact the sword grab. Here is … Continue reading

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Interpreting Fiore – Where are the Feet?

Here we see the master stepping narrow. He lifts up his back heal to better absorb the shock. His opponent has stepped wide to the right. See how both are turned slightly towards his left, especially the lead foot. This … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Scheitelhau, the Parting Strike, with Broken Steps

Scheitelhau, or the Parting Cut, is the last of the five Master Cuts. Like the other master cuts it begins with the Zornhau, which the ancients call the Father Stroke. And like any other cut, it it to be performed … Continue reading

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Giovanni dall’Agocchie – Footwork

In dall’Agocchie’s system there is a default set of movements that need to be internalized. In the heat of battle, when there is no time to think, this is what you fall back on. Right Foot Forward If you wish … Continue reading

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Footwork Diagrams for Marozzo’s Sword and Buckler, Assault 1 Part 1

Guards ·        Coda lunga e larga ·        Guardia di testa ·        Guardia alta ·        Coda lunga e distesa ·        Coda lunga e stretta ·        Porta di ferro stretta The Assault Start: Now I will begin the first assault of the … Continue reading

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