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Mair’s Longsword – A Play of Zornhau Against the Thrust (revised)

Translations: http://www.hroarr.com/manuals/liechtenauer/mair_longsword.pdf http://freifechter.com/PHM_Longsword_full.pdf http://freifechter.com/PHM_Longsword_2.pdf First Actor – Myer’s German Translation Zornhau Against the Thrust It happens that you stand with the Zornhaw (Wrath Strike) with the left foot forward. Then follow after with the right and hit him strongly from … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Guards Part 1 of 4

Ochs – Ox [Master Guard] Meyer divides the Ochs or Ox into three guards. The primary form of Ochs has the tip lowered towards the face. The short-edge is up, but not completely vertical. The feet are opposite the blade; that … Continue reading

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