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Longsword – Right Underhauw vs. Meyer’s Left Pflug

Once again we are beginning in Meyer’s Left Pflug (Plow). This also works if the patient is in Schlussel (Key). As the right Underhauw (Under cut) comes in, the patient steps out to the left using his left foot. As … Continue reading

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Manciolino’s Sword and Buckler: Guardia di Faccia vs Langort

Continuing our thought from yesterday, can Langort be used as an interpretation of Guardia di Faccia? First the text, The third is called “guardia di faccia” which agrees with the previous one in two things, and differs in only one; … Continue reading

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Paulus Hector Mair’s Sword and Buckler – Two Upper Bindings from the Right Side

I am using the translation by Keith P. Meyers. He begins with book 2, plate 17, which contains the first sword and buckler plate. Since this translation was specifically aimed at the sword and buckler section, a lot of theory … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Rapier – Schielhauw, The Squinting Cut

The Schielhauw for rapier begins with our fencer in the “high guard for the cut”. When the opponent throws a cut to either side of the body, step away from it. At the same time, cut at the forte of … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Guards Part 3 of 4

The middle guards. Langort – Longpoint This is a transitional guard through which many cuts and thrusts pass. One does not often linger in this guard. Note that the right foot is forward. Pflug – Plow [Master Guard] This master … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Rapier – Guards Part 2

Pfluge – Plow Meyer describes Pfluge as a low thrust used as a posture. The quillons are horizontal and the point aimed at the opponent’s belly. In this position you shall stand with your feet wide apart and with your … Continue reading

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