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Breaking Alber or Mittelhut with Scheitelhauw, the Scalp Cut

If someone is transitioning into Alber or Mittelhut it is trivial matter to safely strike at their head. But if they are already resting in that position then you need some guile. Even if you strike to their head lands, … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Quarterstaff – Guards

According to Meyer, the quarterstaff is the basis of all long weapons. Oberhut – High Guard In the high guard position yourself thus: stand with your left foot forward, and hold your staff with the tail at your chest, so … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Dagger – The Guards

Before starting any work with the dagger one must read the article Knife fighting lies. Even more than other weapon forms, Medieval dagger work is about short brutal. Surprise is often more important than technique and many fights will start … Continue reading

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