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A Working Interpretation of Nebenhut for the Longsword

To my knowledge there are no definitive illustrations of Nebenhut (side/close guard) for the longsword. Here is what we do have: Andre Paurñfeyndt When you fight with one, and are oncoming to him, thus stay with the left foot forward … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Quarterstaff – Guards

According to Meyer, the quarterstaff is the basis of all long weapons. Oberhut – High Guard In the high guard position yourself thus: stand with your left foot forward, and hold your staff with the tail at your chest, so … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Guards Part 4 of 4

The low guards. Alber –Fool [Master Guard] Meyer does not like this guard. While other masters seem to imply the person attacking is the fool, Meyer bluntly states that he thinks the fool is the one who is using the … Continue reading

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