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Rapier Pell, Mark 1

The height is adjustable by loosening the two bolt. The angle is set using a pin. Eventually I want to add a metal plate for the angle pin. This will work for now, but it’s clear that will be the … Continue reading

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Pendulum Pell Original Video

This is the video by Jeremy Loose that inspired me to start this project. And here is an example of the presenter’s current work.

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Pendulum Pells v3

New revision of our pendulum pell. It uses plastic plugs for the top cap. The center rod is forged on the bottom, allowing a larger hole to be drilled and a screw together key chain to suspend the ring. The … Continue reading

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Pendulum Pell mk. 2

The second version of my pendulum pell has a smaller steel ball. I also used a piece of water pipe instead of fence post. The problem with the fence post is that it is galvanized, making impossible to weld safely. … Continue reading

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Giacomo di Grassi – Strength Training Exercises

According to di Grassi, the two pillars of fencing are strength and judgment. He repeatedly warns his readers that without strength, one cannot correctly execute the techniques ones judgment tells them should work. As for the means of gaining strength, … Continue reading

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Pendulum Pell Video Lesson 1

This is my first attempt at recording a video lesson, so please bear with me. The sound quality was horrible due to traffic so I’m sticking with just captions this time through. In the longsword manuals of Meyer and Mair … Continue reading

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Instructions for Making a Pendulum Pell

A pendulum pell is a historic training device consisting of three parts. A ring is used for thrusting, a ball for cutting, and a conical stem for winding exercises. From what I understand, these could be quite ornate and were … Continue reading

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Historical Pell

The pell is called a pendelziel or “hanging/pendulum target”, and it comes from Johannes Bierchenauwer’s 1556 treatise. — Jeremy Loose

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Poem of the Pel – Cutting vs. Thrusting

When I read this excerpt from the mid 1450’s Poem of the Pel I can’t help but imagine a master of arms yelling at his charges to stop using so many cuts. And to thrust is better than to strike; … Continue reading

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