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Practice Notes for Sunday, Dec 15, 2019

We covered a lot of material in Sunday’s rapier class. For your benefit, I’ve taken the time to writing up some notes and posting them in our new website. https://hemadrillbook.azurewebsites.net/b/L’Ange/p/Main/t/commentary The new sections are: Chapter 4: How You Shall Recognize … Continue reading

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Scholars of Alcala Class Notes – May 1, 2016

Facebook – YouTube – Member’s Site Longsword Warm-ups focused on the sword dance (a.k.a. Circling the Numbers) and Meyer’s Cross. Guard of the day: Pflug Meyer’s Longsword – Analysis of Right Pflug Today’s emphasis was on the location and orientation … Continue reading

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Practice Notes for Jan 10, 2016

Beginner’s Longsword We started with the nachreisen or following after techniques for Pflug. These are attacks that you make when someone either cuts too wide or pulls back their weapon for a new cut. Beginner’s Sword and Buckler We had … Continue reading

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Practice Notes for July 7, 2015

Open Session – Broadsword Some of us were looking at “Anti-Pugilism or the Science of Defence Exemplified in Short and Easy Lessons for the practice of the Broad Sword and Single Stick”. This book is available in the codex “Highland … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Dec 18, 2014

Sabre Fenced sabre without masks or other protective gear. Not something we do often, but it really helps to reconnect with the fact that we are dealing with weapons, not just toys. And the extra mobility and visibility you gain … Continue reading

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Tournament Notes – Jan. 2014

The trick with shinai and shield is to treat it just like an arming sword and buckler. Use the same combinations, but with more emphasis on the falso to cut over the shield. Standard defenses such as showing a montante … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Rapier and Rotella

This was an Adrian Empire practice, so hands, wrists, knees, and lower-legs are off limits. Thrusts are to the lightest touch and all cuts are allowed as long as they are with the edge. We were using complex hilts, but … Continue reading

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