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I.33 and Longsword Simulators

http://woodenswords.com/WMA/Synthetic_Knightshop_short.htm http://www.woodenswords.com/WMA/Synthetic_Knightshop.htm

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Dusak, the German Answer to the Foil

In general terms a dusak is a short, single edged sword Central or Eastern Europe. By Meyer’s time the word dusack was repurposed to describe a type of leather or wood training sword. The first image is from the 1570 … Continue reading

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Possible Simulators for Marozzo’s Partisan

As I currently lack access to a translation the best I can offer is my half-remembered lessons. Practical – Metal This is the spear being used in SCA Rapier Spears program. It isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but … Continue reading

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