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Fabris Chapter 3

Fabris divides the sword into four equal sections, the first being the closest to the hand. The first is the strongest and most useful for parries. The second, while not as useful, can still be used if it meets in … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Divisions of the Sword

This chapter covers the standard terminology with no surprises. The only thing of interest is the German words for the terms. Knopf: Pommel Ort: Point Creutz: Quillons /Gefeß: Hilt Heft: Haft /Bint: Grip Klinge: Blade Stercke: Forte: Strong Schweche: Foible: … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Rapier – Chapter 2

In Meyer’s divisions of the combatant the body is divided into four lines or openings, as is the head. While this is sufficient for the longsword and dusak, the rapier requires several more divisions. In addition to the vertical line … Continue reading

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