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What is a Tramazzone and a Molinello?

In the broadest sense of the word, these are wheeling cuts. Some have taught me that tramazzone are wheeling cuts from the inside, molinello from the outside. Others say that all wheeling cuts are molinello and the tramazzone is specifically … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Redirecting the Tramazzone

In general, the Tramazzone works pretty good against someone in half-shield. With an off-line step to the left and the buckler guarding the right arm, it is a fairly safe attack. But once they get used to it, it isn’t … Continue reading

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What is a Montante?

This is a signature move in the Bolognese tradition, but what do we really know about it? Not much, other than it involved the buckler. Beyond these five there are two which are not principal because they only occur in … Continue reading

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