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New Meyer Longsword Videos

It’s been a while since I’ve updated Fechtkunst’s Meyer Longsword section. Here are some of the new videos. Chapter 4 Blendthauw (Blind Cut) Kniechelhauw (Wrist Cut) Chapter 5 Rinde (Looping) Ubergreiffen (Gripping Over) Chapter 11 Tag Device 1 (1.31v.1) Tag … Continue reading

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Marozzo Wrestling (with Dagger) Complete Video List

It has recently come to my attention that Ken Harding of the Historical Martial Arts of St. Louis has published a complete set of videos for Marozzo’s wrestling. This material appears in book 5 of the text. It should be … Continue reading

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Complete List of Codex Wallerstein Longsword Videos

We’ve indexed 75 of the 100+ Wallerstein videos. Before we sort through the rest, I want to take a few moments to thank all of the clubs and individuals that spent countless hours researching, practicing, and filming the longsword section. … Continue reading

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Call for Videos: Ringeck, Danzing, and Dobrginer

The table of contents and templates are ready for indexing Liechtenauer longsword videos. Now comes the hard part, figuring out where each relevant video fits in the index and filming new videos to fill in the gaps. Sigmund Schining ain … Continue reading

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Complete Video Index of Meyer’s Longsword Chapter 4

We’ve just completed the first pass at video taping interpretations of all of the the techniques described in chapter 4 of Meyer’s longsword. The index includes videos from a variety of clubs and individuals including, Aaron Pynenberg Dustin Reagan Hellenic … Continue reading

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Video Taping Tips

Things I recently learned: Do most of your talking without a mask. It’s easier to hear, especially if you don’t have a dedicated microphone. After speaking, allow a 3 second pause before bending down to put on your mask or … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Kreutzhauw or Cross-cutting

In Meyer’s glossary of strikes there is the Kreutzhauw or Cross Cut. Basically it is just a series of alternating wrath cuts (B and H lines). But since that also describes flailing, it is probably easies to explain the Kreutzhauw … Continue reading

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