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Interpreting Fiore – The Distance Between the Feet is Important or The Swords were Long

In an article titled Size Matters, Guy Windsor agues that the length of the sword is important for the correct execution of the Fiore’s plays. He demonstrates that he cannot reach his opponent to enact the sword grab. Here is … Continue reading

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Fiore Swords, Longer and Shorter Than I Thought

These are notes from Schola San Marco’s Fiore Seminar in November 2013. I was under the impression that Fiore used a single sword for both one and two handed work. After reviewing some high resolution Getty scans the instructor convinced … Continue reading

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Girard Thibault – Chapter 1, Figures A thru E: More on Selecting a Sword

Thibault appears to come from an era where stupidly long swords were fashionable. I cannot think of any other reason why he is so determined to instruct his students to use shorter blades. Figure A This shows how a proper … Continue reading

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Girard Thibault – Selecting a Sword

Determining the proper length of the sword in Thibault’s system is easy: Therefore the measure of the sword is such that the length of the blade from the point to the quillons is equal to the half-diameter, that is, if … Continue reading

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Domenico Angelo on Choosing a Blade

From “The School of Fencing” from 1787. This text discusses the use of the small sword for recreation and in earnest. How to Chose a Blade and It’s Proper Length I thought it necessary, before I set down any rules … Continue reading

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George Silver on Weapon Length

Of the length of weapons, and how every man may fit himself to the perfect length of his weapon, according to his own stature, with brief reasons wherefore they ought to be so. To know the perfect length of your … Continue reading

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Capoferro Chapter 3

A sword is made of iron for wood would not be sufficient to beat aside and evade the injuries that people inflict upon one another daily. It is pointed rather than blunt to keep enemies at bay. It’s length, and … Continue reading

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