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Stretta Means Close

When looking at the stretta plays of Manciolino one of the most common mistakes is for the fencers to be too far apart. So I wish to present some signs that you are too far apart. You can thrust This … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Forward – General Advice on Parrying

The second chief element of fencing is parrying. Extend your arms First, when you are being crowded with cuts and thrusts you must “catch and bear the off with an extended hilt or weapon, that you are quickly ready for … Continue reading

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Our Next Workbook for Independent Study Groups

We’ve completed the final draft of our Meyer’s German Longsword Level 1 workbook. There are three books on our list for quarter 1, but probably not enough time to do them all. So which would you like to see next.

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Meyer’s Forward – There Are Only Four Cuts

And the whole art of combat rests especially on two elements. The first consists of the cuts and thrusts with which you intent to harm and vanquish your opponent. The second element is the parries, which teaches you how to … Continue reading

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