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The 8 Atajos of Rada’s Nobleza de la Espada

In case you’re curious, there’s 8 Atajos in Rada’s Nobleza de la Espada. The first 4 could be considered “basic” and are from above. 1 and 2 are stepping left, 1 binding on the inside and 2 binding on the … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Leaping Oberhau in the Onset

We often see flying leaps in HEMA longsword tournaments. Here is an example of one in slow motion: I want to point out a few key frames. First, the full extension of the cut. Ringeck warns us against this when … Continue reading

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What is the Vorschlag or First Strike? My New Theory

The vorschlag is a poorly understood concept. A lot of people think that “winning the vorschlag” means being the first person to throw a strike with the intention of hitting. Now Meyer doesn’t seem to use the term vorschlag, but … Continue reading

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A Drill for Learning Indes from the Onset using Meyer

In the first cutting pattern Meyer tells us to slash through the face “once, twice, three times” in front of the face. Having worked with this awhile I’m not certain that he’s trying to provoke a reaction while slowly closing … Continue reading

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List of Prices of Items in Medieval England

In the 14th century a mercenary made 1 shilling a day, twice that if he is a knight. A cheap sword in the same time period could be had for half a shilling. Armor, on the other hand, was really … Continue reading

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Instructor’s Buckler

When teaching people basic strikes to contact the instructor is often hit, repeatedly. This can become somewhat annoying over time, especially if you happen to already have a bruise in that location. Hence the reason I invented The Instructor’s Buckler. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Unarmored Rules in the SCA

After seven years Caid, the Southern California branch of the SCA, has finally updated their rules for the use of unarmored combat. These are my thoughts… §1.2 – The list of main manuals used for their inspiration seem notable. Not … Continue reading

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Connecting Meyer’s Three Slashes with Liechtenauer

And this very art is honestly real and true and it is about moving straight and simple, to the nearest target, taking the most direct way. For example, if someone intends to strike or thrust, it goes just like if … Continue reading

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Need more translations

I’m comparing the Swanger and Leoni translations of Manciolino and wow. They are really different. Some of the Swanger stuff that didn’t make sense is suddenly becoming clear in Leoni. But other passages by Leoni seem silly compared to Swanger. … Continue reading

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Manciolino’s Weapon Progression

Book 1 Sword and Buckler Attacks and Counters for each Guard Book 2 Assaults (forms/katas) Book 3 At the Half-Sword (binding) Book 4 Sword and Large Buckler Two Swords Sword Alone Book 5 Sword and Cape 2 vs 2, Everyone … Continue reading

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