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Why do you lean back with the rapier?

We often see people leaning backwards with the rapier. Why do they do this? Well there are a number of reasons. Capoferro writes, The purpose for the vita to be bent thus is: first, because in this way you are … Continue reading

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Beating vs. Slicing Off with the Rapier

Since it came up in my last post, I should talk about what I mean by “beat”. When I hear that term I think of a sharp strike that leaves the point more or less online. It is used to … Continue reading

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The Problem with Distance in Capoferro

Another problem with Plate 20 was pointed out to me. This play is part of a set that looks at what you should and should not do when constrained on the outside as per this illustration. Also consider this quote … Continue reading

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Blade Length and Capoferro

Something that has been bothering me for quite some time is the insistence on using short blades for Capoferro. Consider this passage: Therefore the sword has to be twice as long as the arm, and as much as my extraordinary … Continue reading

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Capoferro Chapter 8 – Of the Arms

I assume what follows is principally about Terza (third).  The right elbow should be waist high (real waist, not hips) and inline with the right knee and foot. The left is tucked in a bit. When striking, the left arm … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Dealing with the Spanish

For six of the last seven months I’ve been working over a fencer of the Spanish school. Though he is taller, and has a longer reach, my greatest difficulty was deciding if I wanted to throw a stocatta to the … Continue reading

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Capoferro Chapter 7 – Of the body

When resting in guard or seeking measure, the body slopes backwards and the right thigh is barely visible. The left shoulder aligns with the left foot while the right shoulder divides the pace of the guard in half. The goal … Continue reading

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