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Practice Notes for July 18, 2021

Meyer Longsword We learned some new terms today. The first is the Zornhuaw (Wrath Cut). Meyer describes is as… The Wrath Cut is a diagonal cut from your right shoulder at your opponent’s left ear or through his face and … Continue reading

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Practice Notes for Sept 21-27

L’Ange Rapier Beginner Review the basic footwork, alone and while in guard. Introduction to the guards. Images of the Guards Salute (summarized) Intermediate Review the basic footwork, alone and while in guard. Practiced lunges, focusing on off-line steps and putting … Continue reading

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Meyer: Rethinking Footwork

In longsword chapter 10, there’s an exercise informally known as Meyer’s Cross. (Or “Meyer’s Square” for those people who don’t know what a square looks like.) The default footwork for this is alternating passing steps to the left and right. … Continue reading

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L’Ange: Changing our Rapier Footwork

Up until now we used this footwork pattern for obtaining a constraint. (Only the right foot is shown.) 1: Patient stands in guard of Tertia. The Agent stands in Quarta on the inside. Start far enough apart that the swords … Continue reading

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Practice Notes for Sunday, Dec 15, 2019

We covered a lot of material in Sunday’s rapier class. For your benefit, I’ve taken the time to writing up some notes and posting them in our new website.’Ange/p/Main/t/commentary The new sections are: Chapter 4: How You Shall Recognize … Continue reading

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New Gorget Done

It only took me a decade to get off my ass and finish strapping this, but we’ve got one more gorget for the loaner kit.

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Antique Sparring Longsword

There are only a couple dozen antique sparring longswords left in the world. This is one of the three that are in North America. Source:

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Is the edge or back of a blade stronger?

Well of course it depends on the blade. But if we’re talking about Japanese swords, we have an excellent source with both historic and scientific information. Just to make things interesting, let me translate an account by another Japanese swordsman. … Continue reading

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Blacksmiths Slate

When making something to a specific size, you often have to follow a pattern. But a normal paper pattern will catch on fire. So you need a slate. Any piece of rusty sheet metal 10-12″ a side will work for … Continue reading

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Thibault on Reach with Shoulder vs Wrist Cuts

In this illustration from Thibault (chapter 1, figure F) you can see the difference in reach between a wrist cut and a cut from the shoulder.

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