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Another Meyer Cutting Diagram

Here’s another cutting diagram for Meyer, annotated in English. It comes from the compilation referred to as MS Var.82, with Ben Floyd providing the translation. And the same with a body superimposed.

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Meyer’s Rapier – Annotated Cutting Diagrams

In Meyer’s 1570 text, we find three statues that serve as cutting diagram. The cuts relating to these diagrams can be found in the beginning of chapter 4. Vertical Cuts The first vertical cut (red) is the Scalp Cut or … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Sidesword (Rappier) – Index of Plays

I just finished the the index of sidesword plays from Meyer’s 1570 text. of Combat, 1570-Sidesword (Rappier) Of course the text step is to find (or make) videos of all of the plays. But at least it’s a start. … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – His Pedagogy for Tag and Defeating the Opening Zwerch

I am a firm believer in learning how to use a guard as a static posture before learning how to break it. My theory is that you should never linger in a guard if you don’t know how to deal … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Take on Breaking vom Tag with the Zwerch

In the Liechtenauer glosses we often see this passage, The second is the Zwerch [thwart-cut], which breaks the guard vom Tag [from-the-roof]. This is one of the “vier versetzen” or “four displacements”. While the word displacement may mean parry, in … Continue reading

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L’Ange Rapier – Chapter 8 Parry and Riposte with High Secunda

A common trait of a bad fencer, especially in the SCA where cuts aren’t allowed, is the high parry. This is where one drives both swords up high such that short of breaking measure there is no viable recourse other … Continue reading

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L’Ange Rapier – Chapter 8 Parry and Riposte in Secunda

The setup for the next exercise has both fencers in Secunda. As your opponent thrusts, you’ll trace a counter-clockwise circle with your point such that you push his blade to your outside with the true edge. From here you may … Continue reading

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